Google is the Local Business’ Best Friend

Although almost every search engine claims that they are the best choice for your local business, it turns out that the unbeatable Google platform really is your best bet when it comes to making your business known online. As the most popular search engine in the world, it would do you good to focus almost all of your energy onto making yourself known on Google, and perhaps leaving the other options aside.

local-business-content-marketingRecently, a research was carried out by us, which examined which search engine was most
generous in its first page results to local businesses. We did this by conducting a number of
searches, which both included and were left without the location info, and then compared the results to see which engine was the most generous one. Perhaps you may not think that a giant such as Google would care for small businesses, but it turns out that they were indeed the best ones.

When it comes to non geo-modified keywords which included locations, Google was more likely to give these businesses a first page spot than its competitors Bing and Yahoo! This is
exceptionally valuable information for those who often write content for their online business. When people describe their products, they tend to use general terms to do so, and they don’t often think about the keywords that are going into the article, but are more closely focused on the story that they are writing. The results that were provided by this research show that Google is more likely to help you make your ‘general keyword’ articles seen than any other search engine, which is fantastic considering how popular Google is.

urlwwSimilar positive results were found when searches combined products and their locations, which is another combination that business owners are very likely to use. Once again, Google turned out to be the most efficient search engine to promote local business in this area, allowing them the opportunity to showcase both their product and their location to customers worldwide. Because it is so difficult for local business to succeed when they are compared to large corporations, it is wonderful to see that they are given the chance to prosper in the mayhem of information that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Although there cannot be only one perfection solution to the development of the best
keywords, what this research has shown is that even the newest of companies that are not yet knowledgeable about all aspects of a business, will be given the chance to be seen and to bring in more and more customers worldwide.

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