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Google is the Local Business’ Best Friend

Although almost every search engine claims that they are the best choice for your local business, it turns out that the unbeatable Google platform really is your best bet when it comes to making your business known online. As the most popular search engine in the world, it would do you good to focus almost all of your energy onto making yourself known on Google, and perhaps leaving the other options aside.

local-business-content-marketingRecently, a research was carried out by us, which examined which search engine was most
generous in its first page results to local businesses. We did this by conducting a number of
searches, which both included and were left without the location info, and then compared the results to see which engine was the most generous one. Perhaps you may not think that a giant such as Google would care for small businesses, but it turns out that they were indeed the best ones.

When it comes to non geo-modified keywords which included locations, Google was more likely to give these businesses a first page spot than its competitors Bing and Yahoo! This is
exceptionally valuable information for those who often write content for their online business. When people describe their products, they tend to use general terms to do so, and they don’t often think about the keywords that are going into the article, but are more closely focused on the story that they are writing. The results that were provided by this research show that Google is more likely to help you make your ‘general keyword’ articles seen than any other search engine, which is fantastic considering how popular Google is.

urlwwSimilar positive results were found when searches combined products and their locations, which is another combination that business owners are very likely to use. Once again, Google turned out to be the most efficient search engine to promote local business in this area, allowing them the opportunity to showcase both their product and their location to customers worldwide. Because it is so difficult for local business to succeed when they are compared to large corporations, it is wonderful to see that they are given the chance to prosper in the mayhem of information that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Although there cannot be only one perfection solution to the development of the best
keywords, what this research has shown is that even the newest of companies that are not yet knowledgeable about all aspects of a business, will be given the chance to be seen and to bring in more and more customers worldwide.

Make Your Business Easy to Reach on Mobile

It goes without saying that the mobile industry has become the biggest and fastest way of communication in today’s world. It is an even more frequent way of connecting to the Internet that then computer! And although it is true that the majority of online purchases are made on a computer if they require a lot of thought or if they are big purchases, there are many things that people prefer to buy on mobile as well. If your business has a website, then it should also have a mobile option. This will give customers a way to buy your product online, but more importantly, it will make you easy to show up as a recommended business when they are just browsing through their phones.


The most likely businesses to be reached on mobile

All businesses have the potential to be found online by a mobile device, as long as they make themselves available. However, the ones that are almost always looked for on mobile are the ones that are needed on short notice. This includes restaurants, hotels, transportation and entertainment spots. If your business falls into any of these categories, then you need to ensure that you have an active online mobile presence as soon as possible, because if you don’t, you could literally be losing customers to your next door competitor.

The most important information that needs to be available on mobile

If you can imagine someone trying to find you in the nick of time, then you also need to think of everything that they need in order to reach you quickly. The phone number of your business, especially the landline one, is very important. Not just because it gives the customer a way to contact you, but also because the landline number is a very easy way for customers to reach your address through their GPS, without having to type in the whole address. Following this, you need to of course have a clear name of your business displayed, your address, and the open hours of your business, so that people don’t come running to your location only to find a closed door. Additionally, you should also consider posting pictures and descriptions of your services and the space you work in, so that people can get a better idea of what they can expect when they reach you.

If you haven’t done so yet, this is now to make your business a mobile friendly one

Aside from the ability to have a presence on social websites, your business can only become mobile friendly if you change your website to the algorithm of a mobile website. This is something that business owners likely do not know how to achieve on their own, and they will need the help of a business like Media Trovert in order to make it work for them. The website is changed to a flexible design that allows all of the most important information to pop up on the client’s mobile with ease.

How to Build Up Your Links with Local SEO

In the world of online business, good links should never be underestimated. Regardless of whether they are organic links that are connected straight to your website, or perhaps social links, they all serve the purpose of making your business more relevant, and helping a greater number of people to become familiar with who you are as a business. This is quite a complex job, and not something that an online business owner has time to do 24/7, because they have to focus on their own product in order to insure that its quality does not lessen. Here are a few ways how companies like Media Trovert help your links make the most for your business:


Original content

Few things are as important as the quality of your content, and in order to ensure that you stay relevant, this content needs to be updated on a regular basis so as not to become outdated and no longer interesting for the customers. Media Trovert does detailed research on the keywords that are most relevant to you, and uses them to enrich the articles so that they will be easily found by search engines.

Blog comments/Reviews/Social Media Replies

Another fantastic way to stay relevant is to make sure that you are always in touch with the people that are using your services. After all, they are the reason why your business is still alive and blooming, and you need to try and build a stable relationship with them, and show that you truly care about your customers. In order to achieve this, you must be active in all fields that have to with blog commenting and social media, and to reply as quickly as possible when your clients leave you a message. Additionally, every time you reply to someone, your name becomes a new link straight back to your own website, which is also a great example of how social links can help your business gain in popularity.

Press releases/Email marketing

Whether you are starting with something new, or you just want to promote the features that your business already has, you need to find a way to reach out to your audience. Press releases are a great way to notify your current and potential customers of what your business has been up to and how it will change in the future. Press releases can be emailed, but they are usually placed on a visible area of your website, because this allows new visitors to have a look at it as well without having to sign up to your email system. In the other hand, email marketing is a way to stay in touch with your current customers, and to ensure that they do not forget you even if they are in not in need of your services at the moment. There are a very delicate balance when it comes to these emails, because they have to be frequent enough to keep you relevant, but not too frequent so that your customers become annoyed. Sending the emails out once a week is the most desirable option.

How to Boost Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are a way for customers to see how others have rated you, and to get a better picture of whether or not they want to use the services of your business. Ideally, the online reviews that you get should all be positive, but it is impossible to make everyone happy, so they should at least have a consistent positive review rate, so that even when the dissatisfied customers write something, it will not affect the overall image of your company.


Make it easy for current customers to see where to leave reviews

Did you know that your customers are actually the most likely to leave a reviews when they are not happy with your services? Shocking but true. People who loved your business will come out feeling very happy, and will mention you to their friends and family, but rarely take the time to write a great review about you. However, if you manage to disappoint someone with the the work that you do, the customer is fueled with anger and wants to let everyone else know just how angry they are as soon as possible. Some businesses do not understand this, and their online reviews end up being more negative than positive, specifically because they allowed too much time to go by before asking thir guests to review them. There are many ways you can do this. You can have links of review spots on your business card, you can have posters on your business walls reminding your customers to write reviews, or you can ask them kindly yourself if they could spare a few minutes to say what they thought of your business.

Make sure that you reply to the reviews!

Getting people to write a positive review about your business is great, but it will not do anything positive for your business unless you actually take the time to reply to them and say how glad you are that they took the time to write about you. Not only does this make the people who write the reviews feel good, but it also shows the potential customers who are reading them that you are really grateful that people are using your services, and that you hope that many more people will use them in the future as well. You can even offer a small reward like a discount to the people that take the time to write reviews for you. This is a great way for people to get motivated about writing reviews and to make them more interesting as well.

Return the favor and write some reviews for other businesses (but maybe not in your own niche)

If your customer have their own business, which will probably be in a different niche from yours, then return the favor and write a good review for their business as well if you happen to use their services. Yes businesses are competitive, but it more important to forge good bonds with other people than to think that you are above everyone else. With so many potential customers available, there surely is enough space for everyone. Build a reputation for yourself that will be a positive one, and that will make people want to work and partner up with you.

How Local SEO Works

SEO is an important element of any business, and it provides one of the most reliable ways that customers can find you online. However, while it is a great idea for all type of businesses to be known to customers all over the world, becoming popular in your local area is even more important because it brings customers straight to your door.

Local SEO Makes You a Contender in Your Own Community

 With the large scale development of tablets and smart phones, people now often use them to find local businesses like restaurants, bookshops, travel agencies, etc. on the go. If you are a business that can provide customers with products as soon as they cross your doorstep, then you need to work on improving your Local SEO. In a nut shell, this means that you need to be at the top of search results that are related to your product. So, if you are a restaurant or fast food joint someone is hungry, they need to find your food in the search results before they find anyone else.

How to Become ‘Found’

 Because you are trying to become famous in a much smaller geographic area you will likely need the help of an SEO professional to accomplish this. There is usually a set process through which your business’ website is analyzed for its Local SEO value:

  • Discover which keywords appear most frequently on your website
  • Analyze how many of them are directly related to your local area
  • Decide on the 10 most frequently used keywords that customers will search for if they are in your neighbourhood and are looking for your product (this is usually the name of the street and neighbourhood that you are in, as well as the name of your city, followed by the name of the product that you are selling)
  • Create new content for your website that will include these keywords (it will not be as effective on old content)
  • Decide on the time frame that you will need to accomplish this

 Your Business on a Map

 Not only do you need to be on the top of the search results, you also need to be easily located on a map, so that the GPS system in your customer’s smart phone can lead them right to you. This is easily achieved by adding your business to all of the most frequently used smart phone maps, and then testing it out yourself to make sure that you are indeed visible.

 Local SEO development is very easily forgotten by business holders when they are working on their own marketing strategy, because webmasters usually only focus on the impact of the business on a global scale. But there is nothing better than having customers who live and working in your neighbourhood, because they are likely to become regulars and to promote your business through word of mouth. The more frequently customers reach you locally, the more likely they are to post their location on social websites, which will in turn let others know of your location and will bring you even more customers.